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Why do I need to complete a swim test?

Rowing and sailing take place on the water, and while falling out of the boat is unlikely, it is possible. Therefore, all Foundry athletes must pass a swim test to row. The Foundry does not require a swim test to sail but recommends all sailors to be competent swimmers.


What type of swim test do I need?

A certified lifeguard or American Red Cross safety instructor must confirm in writing your ability to swim 50 meters, tread water continuously for 5 minutes, and put on and secure a life jacket while treading water before you are permitted on the water to row or sail at the Foundry. We make NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy for your protection and the protection of the Foundry.


The Foundry Swim Test Form can be downloaded here: Foundry Swim Test Form


Where can I complete my swim test?

Participants are responsible for finding a certified lifeguard to watch them perform the swim test and sign the form. Lifeguards can be found at municipal pools, YMCAs, schools and colleges, and recreational facilities. It is recommended that individuals call ahead to confirm swim test hours and fees.  Please see Swim Test FAQ's for more information about locations testing and free swim lessons.


Please contact us at if you need help finding a location to take the swim test.


When is my swim test due?

Swim test documents must be received no later than the first day of the program in which you are participating. Please make sure to write your name on your swim test before turning it in. You can mail, email, or drop off your swim test before the start of your program.


Can I register for my program without a swim test?

You can, and should, register online before completing your swim test. The swim test form can be downloaded here: Foundry Swim Test Form and submitted upon completion. Please keep a copy of the signed form for your records.


What if I haven’t taken my swim by the time my program starts?

A registered athlete without a valid swim test will NOT be able to go on the water until they pass and submit the Foundry Swim Test.


Can I use a swim test from another source?

No. We must have The Foundry Swim Test Form signed by a certified lifeguard and are unable to accept alternative forms of proof of swimming ability.


What if I don’t know how to swim?

Non-swimmers are encouraged to take swimming lessons and pass a swim test before registering for an on-the-water Foundry program. Please see SWIM TEST FAQ's for more information on how to connect for free swim lessons.

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