Foundry Rowing FAQ

Rowing FAQ

Is rowing safe?

Rowing, like all sports, has an amount of risk; however, athlete safety on the water is the Foundry’s top priority. During every practice, Foundry coaches closely follow all rowing shells in powerboats to monitor rower safety, marine traffic, and weather conditions. Powerboats are equipped with personal flotation devices for each crew and all coxwains wear personal flotation devices when practicing on the water.

Registration and Program Capacity


Do I have to pass a swim test to row at the Foundry?

Yes. The Foundry Swim Test Form can be found here: Foundry Swim Test Form 

Swim test FAQ’s can be found here: Future Link


How do I register for a Foundry rowing program?

Registration for all Foundry programs are completed online. To register, please complete the steps on the registration page for your desired program. When registering, it is important that you accurately enter information. The email address submitted will be the Foundry’s primary communication channel with you.


If help is required for registration, please contact Please include detailed and specific program information in your query.


How do I know if a program has space?

Registrations will be accepted until a program is full or until registration is closed. If program is full or if registration is closed, it will be noted on the Foundry web page. Registration is first come, first served. If you register, but the course has already filled, you will be notified if you have been placed on the wait list.


What do I do while I am on the wait list?

If a spot becomes available in your desired program, the Foundry will contact you by email. You will have 24 hours to respond if you would like the spot in the class. If the Foundry does not hear from you, your space will be offered to the next person on the wait list.

What are your Refund/Transfer/Credit policies?

Rowing is an expensive sport; team registrations received are quickly and irretrievably committed to cover the cost of the program’s race fees, travel logistics, and/or equipment. Full refunds will only be made for cancelled programs. Programs may be cancelled if the minimum enrollment is not met. Should an individual be unable to complete a program due to significant medical reasons, a prorated refund will be issued upon receipt of an acceptable written notification (medical excuse) from a licensed physician.


Credits will be issued on a case-by-case basis should a participant decide to withdraw from a program and only if a written request is made and approved by The Foundry. A team level refund of The Foundry portion will be made in full only if notification of withdrawal is given in writing to the coach during the first week of practice. Thereafter, no refund will be made. Fees beyond the program fees/membership, such as transaction fees or credit card fees, will not be refunded at any time. There is no refund if a rower is dismissed for his or her disruptive actions, attitudes or performance or failing to comply with the Team Policies and Expectations of Crew, and any amendments to those documents season to season.




It’s raining, do we still have practice?

Yes. Foundry programs meet as scheduled, rain or shine. If severe lightning, wind, or storms are present, athletes will not be permitted on the water. In the event of severe weather (lightning, wind, river flow) athletes will not be permitted on the water and practice will be held on land – practice will not be cancelled. Practices and programs will not be rescheduled due to weather. Please be sure that it is safe for you to get to practice before departing. If you feel it is unsafe for you to attend practice because of the weather, please notify your coach as soon as possible. Athletes will not be penalized for making the safe choice.




What should I wear on the water?

Always dress in LAYERS. Dress appropriately for the weather, including a windbreaker or a waterproof layer if necessary. Make sure you can shed layers easily as you begin to warm up. Rowing clothes get dirty. Don’t wear clothing that can’t get dirty to the boathouse. Clothing should be comfortable and snug fitting. Ideal rowing clothing allows athletes to move freely without being baggy. Baggy pants, shorts, and shirts often get stuck in the sliding seat.


Be prepared to be on the water or on land in case conditions are unfavorable. Pack the following in your bag:

-Water Bottle

-Layers for a variety of weather conditions

-Hat & Sunscreen


-Outdoor running shoes

-Socks (extras are always good to have on hand)

-Before/After clothes

What is appropriate land attire?

When working out and walking around public areas of the Foundry everyone must wear a shirt. We respectfully request that athletes do not go shirtless or with only a sports bra on.


Are there showers/locker rooms?

Yes, the Foundry has showers and locker rooms at our rowing center.


General FAQ


Who do I contact in case of emergency?

If there is an emergency, please dial 911.


What are the office hours at the Foundry?

Office hours for the rowing center and administrative offices are:


Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm

Saturday 7:00am – 1:30pm

These hours are subject to change without notice. Visitors are encouraged to call ahead.



Rowing Center & Administrative Offices

Parking is available in the paved lot on the north side of the building. The Foundry Rowing Center is located at 1831 Columbus Rd, Cleveland OH, 44113


Sailing Center

Parking is available in the gravel lot at the end of Whiskey Island Drive, close to the eastern edge of Wendy Park. Parking is not available at the Historic Cleveland Coast Guard Station and cars are not permitted on the causeway to drop off or pick up athletes. Athletes and Parents must walk to the Historic Coast Guard Station from the gravel lot.


Sailing Center Driving Directions

-From the Shoreway, take the W. 73rd/Edgewater exit.

-Take the first exit off the roundabout.

-Bear right at the parking lot and keep bearing right behind the waste treatment plant.

-Continue past Ivancic Marine Wendy Park/The Still Eatery, where you will continue to bear right down the  gravel road.

-Park in the lot at the very end and walk down the causeway to the Station (about 200 yards)


When Can I Use Foundry Boathouse Facilities and Equipment?

Access to The Foundry: Except during scheduled activities when the coaching staff is present, the boathouse and grounds is OFF LIMITS. Athletes are not authorized to be at the boathouse unless they are participating in a sanctioned Foundry function; this includes the parking lots. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Coach supervision is required to use boathouse facilities and equipment. Regularly scheduled programs and classes have priority for use of Foundry spaces and equipment. Non-Foundry boats, including kayaks, paddleboards, powerboats, jet skis, and etc. are NOT permitted to use the Foundry docks to launch or recover. Momentary use of the Foundry docks IS permitted for human powered vessels during a freighter passing.


Swimming FAQ


Why do I need to complete a swim test?

Rowing and sailing take place on the water, and while falling out of the boat is unlikely, it is possible. Therefore, all Foundry athletes must pass a swim test to row. The Foundry does not require a swim test to sail but recommends all sailors to be competent swimmers.


What type of swim test do I need?

A certified lifeguard or American Red Cross safety instructor must confirm in writing your ability to swim 50 meters, tread water continuously for 5 minutes, and put on and secure a life jacket while treading water before you are permitted on the water to row or sail at the Foundry. We make NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy for your protection and the protection of the Foundry.


The Foundry Swim Test Form can be downloaded here: Foundry Swim Test Form


Where can I complete my swim test?

Participants are responsible for finding a certified lifeguard to watch them perform the swim test and sign the form. Lifeguards can be found at municipal pools, YMCAs, schools and colleges, and recreational facilities. It is recommended that individuals call ahead to confirm swim test hours and fees.


Please contact us at if you need help finding a location to take the swim test.


When is my swim test due?

Swim test documents must be received no later than the first day of the program in which you are participating. Please make sure to write your name on your swim test before turning it in. You can mail, email, or drop off your swim test before the start of your program.


Can I register for my program without a swim test?

You can, and should, register online before completing your swim test. The swim test form can be downloaded here: Foundry Swim Test Form and submitted upon completion. Please keep a copy of the signed form for your records.


What if I haven’t taken my swim by the time my program starts?

A registered athlete without a valid swim test will NOT be able to go on the water until they pass and submit the Foundry Swim Test.


Can I use a swim test from another source?

No. We must have The Foundry Swim Test Form signed by a certified lifeguard and are unable to accept alternative forms of proof of swimming ability.


What if I don’t know how to swim?

Non-swimmers are encouraged to take swimming lessons and pass a swim test before registering for an on-the-water Foundry program.