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Who do I contact in case of emergency?

If there is an emergency, please dial 911.


What are the office hours at the Foundry?

Office hours for the rowing center and administrative offices are:


Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm

Saturday 7:00am – 1:30pm

These hours are subject to change without notice. Visitors are encouraged to call ahead.



Rowing Center & Administrative Offices

Parking is available in the paved lot on the north side of the building. The Foundry Rowing Center is located at 1831 Columbus Rd, Cleveland OH, 44113


Sailing Center

Parking is available in the gravel lot at the end of Whiskey Island Drive, close to the eastern edge of Wendy Park. Parking is not available at the Historic Cleveland Coast Guard Station and cars are not permitted on the causeway to drop off or pick up athletes. Athletes and Parents must walk to the Historic Coast Guard Station from the gravel lot.


Sailing Center Driving Directions

-From the Shoreway, take the W. 73rd/Edgewater exit.

-Take the first exit off the roundabout.

-Bear right at the parking lot and keep bearing right behind the waste treatment plant.

-Continue past Ivancic Marine Wendy Park/The Still Eatery, where you will continue to bear right down the  gravel road.

-Park in the lot at the very end and walk down the causeway to the Station (about 200 yards)


When Can I Use Foundry Boathouse Facilities and Equipment?

Access to The Foundry: Except during scheduled activities when the coaching staff is present, the boathouse and grounds is OFF LIMITS. Athletes are not authorized to be at the boathouse unless they are participating in a sanctioned Foundry function; this includes the parking lots. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Coach supervision is required to use boathouse facilities and equipment. Regularly scheduled programs and classes have priority for use of Foundry spaces and equipment. Non-Foundry boats, including kayaks, paddleboards, powerboats, jet skis, and etc. are NOT permitted to use the Foundry docks to launch or recover. Momentary use of the Foundry docks IS permitted for human powered vessels during a freighter passing.

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