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Michael Ferry

Director of Business Affairs

Eric Conroy

Director of Facilities


Gina Trebilcock

Nancy Reddy

Administrative Consultant

Judy Fracker

Events Coordinator

Dave Hildebrandt

Kelly McCarthy

Director of Engagement

Todd Hathaway

Megan Futo

Program Administrator

Matthew Houser

Jaleen Baldwin

Recruitment and Engagement Coordinator - Rowing

Elinor Bragaw

Rowing Coach and Coordinator

Kristian Trebilcock

Associate Rowing Coach and Foundry Historian

Leigh Garam

Associate Sailing Coach

Nogay Dokmecki

Waterfront Manager and Associate Sailing Coach

Joshua Mallett

Recruitment and Engagement Coordinator - Sailing

Terry Freeman

Nick Turney

Sailing Consultant

Leigh Garam

Associate Sailing Coach

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