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We are a team of Cleveland student-athletes that uses rowing to move forward in strength and connection. We are committed to the journey and the authenticity of the hustle.  Hard work is home for us.

The Cleveland Foundry Juniors (CFJ) Team is committed to building skill, strength, and fitness. Whether you are a returning rower or new to the sport and interested in rowing competitively or recreationally, we operate and tailor an individualized training plan that assists each student with both their individual and team goals. 


The CFJ team hosts both High School and Middle School students during the same practice time. Students will warm up and build foundational skills together before transitioning into breakout groups, contingent on skill level.


To increase accessibility to our training program, athletes may work with the coaches to customize their practice attendance based on their weekly availability. However, unless a separate scheduling arrangement gets made with the coach, it is assumed but not required that athletes attend all scheduled practices. Please contact the coach for scheduling assistance.


CFJ Competitive Team (8-12)

CFJ Competitive Practice Schedule:

Monday - Friday: 5:15 - 7:30 PM

Saturday: 7:30 - 9:30 AM

The CFJ Competitive Team will focus on their training plans to prepare for the long-distance Fall Regattas, while also bonding as a team and developing as well-rounded young people. Athletes in grades 9-12 who are new to the sport of rowing will be a part of the CFJ Competitive Team. Coaches will provide specific instruction in order to teach new athletes how to row safely. By being around more experienced athletes, athletes who are new to the sport will pick up skills faster. Athletes who have more experience and want to dive deeper into their training will be supported by differentiated instruction and training as well. If your athlete is interested in signing up for the CFJ Competitive Team, please contact the coaching staff at by August 11th


Athletes on the CFJ Competitive Team are expected to attend all practices and regular season regattas. Absences should be communicated ahead of time, generally a week in advance for practice and at least three weeks in advance of regattas.


Athletes who are going into 8th grade and have prior rowing experience who are interested in competing in regattas this fall may be eligible to sign up for the CFJ Competitive Team. The regattas this fall that have Middle School events available are Head of the Cuyahoga, Hoover Fall Classic, and Blake Haxton Fall Regatta. If CFJ enters middle school specific boats at any of these events, the participants will be 8th graders who are registered for the CFJ Competitive Team. Please note that 8th graders on the CFJ Competitive Team are not necessarily restricted to participating only in middle school specific events at regattas and may be entered in novice, age groups, or youth racing categories.

Criteria for signing up for the CFJ Competitive Team as a Middle School athlete:

  • Must submit a request to register by contacting the coaching staff at prior to 8/21/23, parents will be notified if they are approved to register for the Competitive Team.

  • 8th Grade student for school year 2023-24

  • Prior rowing experience (generally, a full Spring or Fall season)

  • Interest in racing & competing

  • Ability to commit to the practice & racing schedule

  • Approval from the CFJ Coaches


CFJ Middle School Development Program
Grades 6-8

CFJ Middle School Development Program Practice Schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday ​5:30 -7:30 PM

The Middle School Development Program caters to 6th-8th graders, regardless of their prior rowing experience. Whether they're newcomers or returning students with multiple seasons under their belt or experience from elsewhere. This program aims to teach and establish a solid foundation in rowing fundamentals. We create a welcoming, enjoyable, and supportive environment for all where students can progress individually and as a team.

Participants will enhance their rowing stroke, technique, and overall understanding of the sport, setting them up for a well-rounded foundation in their rowing journey. Although the 6th-8th grade development team won't participate in regattas, they'll engage in regular internal competitions and challenges during practice. These activities offer opportunities for athletes to test themselves both on and off the water, without the added complexity and pressure of regatta events.  Additionally, the schedule being only 3 days a week  is designed with the understanding that athletes are still able to be involved in other after school curriculars and other sports. We know that this may just be a trail experience for some Middle schoolers and for others they may want to be at every session. 

Key Dates For CFJ Middle School Development Program:


  • Saturday, August 5th – Pre-Season Family Meeting, 10am at the Foundry

  • Monday, August 14th – First day of practice!

  • Thursday, August 17th – No practice

  • Tuesday, September 19th – Modified/delayed practice time

  • Thursday, November 2nd - Last Day of Middle school Practice

  • Wednesday, November 8th – End of Fall season celebration

Need based financial assistance is available. For more information about our financial assistance programs email

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