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Interscholastic Sailing Program


The Cleveland Foundry High School Sailing Program offers one of the best scholastic sailing programs on the Great Lakes, and beyond. The program is host to multiple high schools from the Cleveland metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs and is the training ground for some of the best high school sailors in the country. The Cleveland Foundry’s Interscholastic Sailing Program is open to student athletes in 6th through 12th grade.  It includes ten weeks of on the water practice and coaching at sailing competitions.  (Please note that 6th graders will not participate in Fall MISSA regattas.)   The student athletes have access to a fleet of professionally maintained dinghies, certified coaches and more. 

The Fall High School sailing season begins in late August and runs through postseason conditioning in December. The spring season starts with preseason conditioning in January and runs through the end of National competition in late May / early June.


The Cleveland Foundry provides a fleet of expertly maintained dinghies, housed dockside at the Historic Coast Guard Station on the shores of Lake Erie. Our team of highly trained coaches and staff provide individual and group instruction in classroom and on-the-water settings.


  • Please review the Foundry Sailing Handbook  prior to registering. CLICK HERE

  • Eligibility: 6th through 12th graders enrolled in greater Cleveland area schools.

  • Prior Sailing Experience is recommended.

  • Team Liaison (Parent): Each team is required to appoint a team liaison.

  • Team Captain (Student Athlete): Each team is required to appoint a team captain.

  • Equipment: Life jackets, helmets and closed toed shoes are required when on-the-dock and water. Dry suits are required when the combined air and water temperature is below 100 degrees.

  • Transportation: Student athletes are responsible for their own transportation to and from practice and regattas.

Program Benefits

  • 10 week Fall and Spring programs featuring weekday practice session and weekend regattas

  • Certified coaching at all practices and regattas during registered session

  • Certified instruction at all cross training and conditioning sessions during registered session

  • Tier 3 Regattas hosted by the Cleveland Foundry included, with alternative clinics and seminars to be scheduled if inclement weather.

  • Access to fleets of 420’s and Lasers during scheduled practice times and regattas hosted by The Cleveland Foundry.

  • Free Ohio Boaters Education Course & Boaters License (upon completion of exam)

Team Composition 

  • Junior Varsity: Junior Varsity is for sailors that wish to participate in tier 3 regattas and practice only.

  • Varsity: Varsity is for sailors that wish to participate in all tiers of regattas and practice. 

  • To participate in tier 1 and 2 regattas, sailors must belong to a team of both an A and a B boat from the same school, meaning a full team is comprised of four sailors from the same school. Tier 3 regattas allow a mix of sailors from different schools. Team composition is at the discretion of The Foundry coaching staff.


Varsity: $1,385  

Junior Varsity: $1,165

6th Grade: $550


Fall 2023

On-the-Water Practice Schedule

(Historic Coast Guard Station)

August 21st to October 31st 2023

Mon, Tue & Thu from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM


Post-Season Conditioning:

Riverfront Campus

Nov to Dec 2023

Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM


Regatta Schedule

The following regatta schedule is tentative and not all-inclusive. The coaching staff will confirm regatta schedule at the beginning of the season.

August 26, 2023            Foundry Notta-regatta

September 9, 2023       Foundry MISSA Tier 3

September 23, 2023     Foundry MISSA Tier 3

October 7, 2023            Foundry MISSA Tier 3

October 28, 2023          Foundry MISSA Tier 3


About High School Sailing

The Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA) governs secondary school sailing in the United States, in both independent and public high schools. Sailor eligibility starts at the ninth grade; there are no age limits. As in college sailing, there are seven district associations which schedule events, as well as a system of national championships. While ISSA had its origins in the preparatory schools of the Northeast in 1930, it is now a nationwide organization with active districts in Northeast (NESSA), Mid-Atlantic (MASSA), South Atlantic (SAISA), Southeast (SEISA), Midwest (MISSA), Pacific Coast (PCISA), and Northwest (NWISA). Learn more at:


Midwest Interscholastic Sailing Association (MISSA) was established as the regional governing body for high school sailing in the Midwest. Their objective is to further the sport of sailing in Midwest secondary schools, and to provide a standardized set of rules and procedures for competition. In 2020, MISSA had 124 member schools, making it the largest of ISSA's seven districts. This number varies from year to year but has been steady for the last several years. Learn more at:


For questions regarding the Interscholastic Sailing Program, please contact our coaching staff at


DEI Statement

The Foundry believes that people of all backgrounds should have equal access to rowing, sailing and fitness. We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment for all our community members. Financial assistance is available to students of families experiencing economic hardship, to ensure that financial limitations never prevent youth from participating in our programs. If you would like to find out more information about The Foundry's financial assistance program, email us at:


A well fitted PFD weight appropriate Life Jacket must be worn at all times while on the dock and on the water. Some Life Jackets and dry suits may be available. Please indicate during registration if you are in need of these items or need to learn more about proper fitting.


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