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We are a local non-profit organization located in the flats of Cleveland. Our mission is to transform the lives of Cleveland’s youth through access to the sports of rowing and sailing.


Inclusive. Accessible. Available to Cleveland youth of all backgrounds.


This is the Foundry’s vision for the future of rowing and sailing.


Through the Row. Sail. Dream. program, the Foundry provides introductory rowing and sailing programming to all 6th-12th grade students from public school districts across the County, at no cost to financially qualifying households. Program offerings range from afterschool and summer camp opportunities for individual students, to field trips and in-school experiences for school groups and extracurricular activity providers. Row. Sail. Dream. programming enables students to learn about and engage in the sports of rowing and sailing, while also incorporating STEM education and exposure to the higher education and career opportunities that these nautical sports provide.

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