The Foundry is proud to offer those adults in our community the opportunity to experience and learn about sailing. We offer various programs.  Lessons are conducted at the Historic Coast Guard Station located off of Wendy Park and are by appointment only.  Once registered, you will receive a link to a calendar where you can schedule your lesson(s). Our certified instructors provide classroom instruction as well as coaching on the water.

  • Monday - Sunday appointments days and evenings

  • Introduction to Sailing Basics - 1 Session (2.5 hours)  $150 per person

  • Adult Learn to  Sail - (1-6 sessions @ 2.5  hours each)   $150 per person

  • Discover Sailing for Family/Small Groups -  1 session 2.5 hours  $40 per person/ 6 person maximum

  • Sailing A La Carte - 1 session (2-3 hours) Skill Development  $150 per person

The Foundry provides instruction by certified coaches, safety boats,  professionally maintained boats, insurance, safety gear and administrative support. All sailors are required to wear a personal flotation device which are provided by the Foundry.