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Tank TIme

What Are Tanks?

Rowing Tanks are designed to give as much of the feel of the boat as possible without actually having to get in the boat. The Tanks have foot stretchers, a slide, a seat, oarlocks, and of course oars, just as you would have in the boat!


Classes and Sessions

We will be offering Tank sessions and classes for all skill levels. The Classes will be focused on helping individuals in a group setting to progress their skills and get familiar with the technique and motion involved in rowing. Or simply to help them keep those already developed skills sharp while they can't get out on the water! There will also be Tank sessions for people with previous rowing experience who may not want instruction but just to practice their technique!

Technical Track

Here we will be fine tuning essential elements of the rowing stroke. These classes are great for beginners and experienced rowers alike. Each class will begin with an overview of the technical focal point for the day, spending time addressing how the focal point fits into the whole stroke cycle, allowing practice time to address limiting factors surrounding the focal point and the whole stroke. Athletes should expect their brains to be trained as much as their bodies. Physical difficulty is low, mental difficulty is high. Good for learning the sport, active recovery, and skill development. Recommended for all rowers, including beginners.

Fitness Track

We will be utilizing the tanks for lots of continuous rowing. The instructor will lead the group through a vigorous warm up to lead each session. Athletes will then complete a workout as directed by the instructor - varying from continuous moderate strokes to high intensity intervals. Physical difficulty is medium to high, mental difficulty is medium to high. Good for getting a physical training stimulus, breaking a sweat, and taking a lot of hard strokes. Recommended for experienced rowers that do not need a ton of technical guidance.

Fitess Page Open Track

Open Track

These sessions are totally open and self guided. The tanks will be set at a constant flow rate, and athletes will be able to practice their technical skills, get some steady state rowing in, or work on some high-pressure low rate work. These sessions do not provided a structured workout or specific coaching instructions. Recommended for experienced rowers that do not need technical guidance.

Tank Sessions Sign-Up

We are now accepting registrations for Tank Sessions. We would love to teach you and help you progress your rowing! Click the button below to register for our sessions beginning Monday, February 1, 2021.

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