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Indoor Cycling

Cycle Flow

Searching for balance? Cycle Flow combines 30 minutes on the bike with 30 minutes on the yoga mat. Breathe and move with intention and leave feeling centered.

Cycle Core

Spend an hour focused on your core strength. Cycle Core combines 40 minutes of core and cardio on the bike and 20 minutes of core on the mat.

Cycle 60

Sometimes you just want to ride. Cycle 60 is a full hour on the bike, climbing hills, sprinting, and finding your cardio groove.

Cycle 45

Need a workout but don't have an hour? Cycle 45 is for you. Turn the intensity up and achieve your fitness goals in less time.

Indoor Rowing


RowGa is the first of its kind, combining 30 minutes of indoor rowing technique and fitness with 30 minutes of rowing inspired yoga and breath work. 

Indoor Row 101


Never touched an oar? This class is for you. Learn the fundamentals of the rowing stroke and start your journey to becoming a rower.

Catch Drive Finish Recovery

Have a grip on rowing basics? CDFR uses a great soundtrack to practice cadence and fluidity to help rowers to move as one on the ergs or in the tanks.

Indoor Row Advanced

For rowers with 8 or more Indoor Row Advanced classes taken, this session focuses on building fitness while fine tuning technique.

Row + Cycle

In Row + Cycle, spend half of class learning the fundamentals of the rowing stroke. Spend the second half on the bike for 30 minutes improving your cardio.


Yoga for Rowers

Attention rowers! All strength no flexibility? Improve your length, balance, and power and prevent injuries with yoga sequences tailored to the unique needs of rowers.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is the practice of breath followed by movement. Flow through the sequences at a steady pace to improve balance, strength, and awareness of breath and movement.

Yin Yoga

The slower pace of Yin yoga promotes deep muscle stretching. Postures are held for longer periods and props are used to maintain comfort and enable better tissue relaxation.

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