2019 MCSA Women’s Clinic: April 13th & 14th, 2019

Introducing the MCSA Women’s Clinic! This will be an awesome weekend of dinghy training for women collegiate sailors at the Historic Coast Guard Station on Cleveland Harbor. We will be sailing 420s and possibly FJs with an emphasis on sailor development and improving the skills of talented women sailors. Drills will focus on close-quarters sailing, tactical situations, and advanced boathandling.





8:30am - Arrive at the Station

9:00am - Chalk Talk - Boathandling (Dressed & Ready to Sail)

9:20am - Launch

9:45am - Drills Start

12:00pm - Lunch

12:30pm - Video Review

1:00pm - Chalk Talk - Starts, Leebowing, & Tactics

1:30pm - Launch

1:45pm - Drills Start

4:00pm - Sail In & Derig

4:15pm - Video Review




9:00am - Arrive at the Station

9:30am - Briefing (Dressed & Ready to Sail)

10:00am - Launch

1:30pm - Sail In, Derig

2:00pm - Debrief


Participant Requirements


* Drysuit

* USCG Type III PFD (We have some extras at the Station)

* Must wear helmet while sailing Foundry boats (We have enough for everyone)

* Refillable water bottle

* Change of clothes, enough warm gear for the weekend


* $30/participant for the first 20 registrations. $60 thereafter.

* $100 refundable damage deposit per boat (bring a check, we will return/void at the end of the weekend.

* Withdrawls after March 30th will no receive a refund.



Misc. Information

* All participants are bound by the bylaws and procedural rules of the Intercollegiate Sailing Association and the Foundry Code of Conduct. Consumption of alcohol or a controlled substance during the clinic will result in immediate dismissal from the event.

* The Station is a remote sailing center with only basic amenities. Please make sure to bring enough food and clothing to be comfortable for an entire weekend of practice.

* Clinic topics are subject to change.

The Foundry: Rowing Center

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The Foundry: Sailing Center

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