The Foundry has put High School Sailing on the map for all of Cleveland's youth, developing one of the fastest growing programs in the country with 11 High Schools being represented and growing for our Midwest region. The Foundry’s sailing center is located at the Historic Coast Guard Station off Wendy Park in Cleveland, Ohio.  A premiere venue, students are able to practice and compete in the protected waters of Cleveland Harbor.  The Foundry’s sailing center offers 3 classrooms, over thirty 420 dinghies, 5 powerboats, 2 J22 keelboats and 3 RS Quests as well as 3 Tartan 10s. 

The Cleveland Foundry is a 501 (c) (3) organization and supported by donors, sponsors, grants, and enthusiastic generosity of the greater Cleveland Sailing community.


The Foundry’s vision is to introduce as many people to sailing as possible.  We want to make sure each and every sailor in our programs learn in a safe and high-quality environment, while gaining the skills and knowledge to become a successful sailor.  Our road map is designed to provide a platform for each sailor no matter their skill level.  In conclusion, each sailor will depart the program with the tools and skills needed to continue their progression as a sailor in any format or application of sailing. 

Our approach to instructing/coaching high school sailing has generated and continues to produce great results.  Graduating sailors of this program have gone on to being very successful sailors in a variety of classes.  Our Mission is to be able to provide a program that not only gives young sailors and opportunity to learn how to sail and build upon their sailing skills, but to provide a program that provides an opportunity to expand their knowledge of all aspects of sailing and how to apply it and win sailboat races.











Our approach has no beginning and no end, rather it continues to evolve along with each sailor’s progression in the program.  We want to provide a program that can be applied to each sailor’s skill level, while maintaining similarities and consistency within the program itself.



When it comes to being successful at any aspect of life, knowing how to develop a winning strategy and follow that strategy will lead you to success.  We focus on every aspect when it comes to sailing strategy. 

  • Weather Forecasting- Learning how to read weather maps and develop your own weather forecast for the sailing venue

  • Reading wind on the water- How to identify wind shifts and predict what will happen next

  • Dissecting the racecourse and figuring out what side of the racecourse is favored and how to use that to your advantage

  • Learning the racing rules of sailing and applying them in your strategy


Boat Speed

Making a sailboat fast is no easy task, but we take pride in our approach and methods.  Sailing is a difficult sport in that each race, each day is different, and it is rather difficult to produce consistent boat speed performance on a consistent basis.  We focus on all aspects of boat speed and provide levels that can be applied to each sailor’s skill level. 

  • Sail shape and trim for performance in various conditions

  • How to change gears based on the changing conditions

  • Rig tune and how that affects your sail shape and boats performance

  • Importance of controlling heel angle with body weight as well as sail trim


Boat Handling

Sailing is a physical sport, but it also requires and rewards fines.  Getting a sailboat around the racecourse is no easy task, but when it comes to developing and applying proper boat handling techniques, our program will far exceed any others.  We build a foundation and perfect each step from beginner to advanced boat handling.

  • Tacking and Gybing in various conditions

  • Transitions

  • Mark Rounding’s


Sailing Tactics

Tactics and Strategy go hand in hand.  Sailing Tactics are the decisions you make that allow you apply your strategy during a race.  We teach sailing Tactics in a way that allows each sailor to apply Tactics and Decision making simply and effectively during a race.

  • Do I tack before or duck another boat?

  • Do I force another boat to tack away or do I cover them?

  • How to effectively apply the racing rules on the water and use them to your advantage


Mental Skills

Sailing, like many other sports, requires allot of mental strength.  Learning how to focus and apply that on the racecourse is invaluable.  Knowing how to take negative energy and turn it around into positive energy will not only save your regatta, but also can be applied in many aspects of life.

  • Competitive Drive

  • Staying positive

  • Supporting your teammates and other competitors


The road map for success that we have developed has no end, it is a continuous circle that we will continue to work through and evolve as sailors.  Each category will begin with the fundamentals of the sport of sailing and how the category relates to sailing.  As each sailor begins to evolve, we explore and instruct more technical and advanced areas of each category.