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The Foundry is a rowing, sailing and fitness training center geared towards youth and young adults in Cleveland. The Foundry’s concept is based on high-performance athletics, coupled with a holistic support structure for youth and families. Located on the Columbus Road Peninsula in the center of Cleveland, Ohio, The Foundry is situated in an up-and-coming neighborhood rapidly changing from exclusively industrial with the occasional retail space, to a truly mixed use area.

The concept for The Foundry was spearheaded by Mike and Gina Trebilcock, with the support of several key individuals in the Greater Cleveland philanthropic and rowing communities. Additionally, The Foundry receives much of its support from MCPc, a technology consulting and integration company headquartered in Cleveland.

The Foundry aspires to produce healthy, achieving youth committed to benefitting from the disciplines of physical sport and scholastic success.

The Foundry will be operated by a 501c3 organization with four full-time executive staff and a team of other support staff.


The mission of The Foundry is to create a positive space for youth fitness and empowerment through the nautical sports of rowing and sailing.


The Foundry’s vision is a training center featuring robust, useful amenities to help individuals become athletes, particularly in the sports of rowing and sailing. The focus of The Foundry is on high-school and collegiate aged individuals from all walks of life in the Greater Cleveland area.
The Foundry endeavors to act as an enablement engine and catalyst for programs which align with its Mission, and aspires to be the home of outstanding athletes who grow personally via the discipline, effort, and work associated with these sports.
The Foundry aspires to engage its local community in the fostering of a safe, healthy space in downtown Cleveland, accessible by everyone who desires to improve themselves and is willing to commit to the requirements of these sports.


Teamwork – The Foundry exists only because of teamwork and the thoughtfulness of every person who uses its facilities.
Health & Wellness – The Foundry champions the notion of healthy lifestyles and personal wellness: physically and mentally.
Discipline – The Foundry espouses the inherent discipline of nautical sports, and demands the discipline of the athletes who train within her walls.

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The Foundry exists to bring a high performance training environment to Cleveland's students interested in rowing and sailing.Foundry

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